Lost and Found Policies and Procedures at Fort Lauderdale Airport

GOL Airlines FLL Terminal, Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood Airport

Losing personal belongings while traveling can be a distressing experience. Fortunately, many airports have dedicated Lost and Found departments to help passengers recover their lost items. Fort Lauderdale Airport, located in Florida, is no exception. In this article, we will explore the Lost and Found policies and procedures at lost and found fort lauderdale airport, providing valuable information for passengers who may find themselves in need of assistance.

Fort Lauderdale Airport’s Lost and Found Department

Reporting Lost Property

If you have lost an item at Fort Lauderdale Airport, it is essential to report it as soon as possible. The airport has a user-friendly online platform that allows passengers to file a Lost Property Claim. To access the form, you can visit the Fort Lauderdale Airport Lost and Found website ( and navigate to the “Report Lost Property” section. The form requires you to provide details about the lost item, including a description, possible location, and your contact information.

Investigation and Recovery Process

Once you have filed a Lost Property Claim, Fort Lauderdale Airport’s Lost and Found department initiates an investigation. They work diligently to locate and recover lost items. The airport collaborates with various stakeholders, including airlines, security personnel, and cleaning staff, to increase the chances of finding the missing belongings.

Communication and Updates

Throughout the investigation process, Fort Lauderdale Airport’s Lost and Found department maintains regular communication with the passengers. They provide updates on the progress of the search and inform passengers if their lost items have been found. Passengers can expect to receive notifications via email or phone regarding any developments related to their lost property.

Lost and Found Procedures for Found Items

If an item is found at Fort Lauderdale Airport, it is immediately turned over to the Lost and Found department. The staff carefully catalog and store the recovered belongings in a secure location. They maintain detailed records of all found items, including descriptions, dates, and locations of recovery.

Claiming Found Items

Passengers who have lost items at Fort Lauderdale Airport have the opportunity to claim their belongings if they are recovered. To retrieve a found item, individuals need to provide appropriate identification and proof of ownership. This ensures that items are returned to their rightful owners and prevents any potential unauthorized claims.

Storage and Retrieval

Fort Lauderdale Airport’s Lost and Found department takes great care in storing recovered items. They have established procedures to ensure the safekeeping of belongings until they are claimed. Depending on the size and nature of the item, it may be stored in a secure facility or designated storage area. Passengers can contact the Lost and Found department to coordinate the retrieval of their belongings once they have been identified and verified.


Losing personal belongings can be a distressing experience, but Fort Lauderdale Airport’s Lost and Found department is dedicated to helping passengers recover their lost items. By promptly reporting lost property and providing detailed information, passengers increase their chances of successful recovery. The airport’s diligent investigation process, regular communication, and secure storage facilities ensure that found items are returned to their rightful owners.

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